Who we are:

We are a global network of experts working with Entrepreneurs, Enterprise, Governments, and Investors who focus on delivering positive impact across social and financial capital.

We help develop solutions across climate change, healthcare, education, and Smart Cities.

What we do:

We are problem solvers. We are inventors. We are human.

We harness emerging technologies, design systems, simulation, behavioral neuroscience, and entrepreneurial methods, to rapidly develop innovations and platforms to test, de-risk, and then deploy in the real-world.

Coupling these toolsets with a global network of critical-thinkers, leaders, and investors –that span every sector of expertise– we drive measurable social change.

We use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a lens when evaluating impact. This helps us have conversations in common language and identify projects and partners rapidly across social and financial landscapes.


A very keen insight and understanding of IoT and Cognitive AI technologies, use cases and the business of technology. They understand the art of the possible and can quickly get a group of stakeholders to see a shared vision.
— Bart Lautenbach, - Vice President, Enterprise and Commercial Sales Initiatives, IBM

How can we help you?

We understand the challenges people and organizations face. It’s brutal out there.

Everyday you read countless articles, scan instatwitterlinkedbook, and watch videos on what is new. It is an unrelenting current of new technologies, ideas, ways to work, and tools to do so. Many ideas are countering the last one. Where do you start, and what do you do? It can feel like you are missing out, and often it is paralyzing for people. This is normal. The world has evolved faster that we have, and it is very stressful.

You need the ability to clearly think through social and environmental factors, while mapping market implications. Doing this when managing day to day operations, long term strategy, and the humans you work with and serve is not something most people or organizations know how to do innately.

How does one choose what technology or trend to follow, or more importantly what to invest in? Once you do chose a path, how do you communicate the value of a given technology to a team or management?

You need the right methodologies and tools that you can afford, learn, and share.


So what do you do about it?

There are methods and tools that can help to focus stakeholders on shared values, resources, and outcomes. Resources to help you discover what is possible and de-risk options quickly. We help set you up with the right ones, and guide your through how to use them effectively to impact both social and financial ROI.

We focus on people, connections, shared values, and use behavioral neuroscience to achieve impact.

How does a solution or innovation create a better society, with positive social and financial impact?

Often social impact is looked at as a compromise against financial performance. We know that does not have to be the case. Doing good and making money do not have to be mutually exclusive concepts. They can coexist.

A healthy ecosystem pays in multiples.

You can do this within your organization once you move from knowing to understanding. This gap is not usually addressed in your daily work and is the key to success. It will empower you and your teams.

In my opinion, Peter and his team are geniuses.
— Joanne Curley, Brand Leader AstraZeneca

Who we do it with:

The New Bureau team created a vibrant collaborative atmosphere that resulted in a Smart Cities and Communities blueprint that would be beneficial for many of our national campuses. Arrow views this as an important national initiative where technology delivers great experiences and business outcomes.
— Matthew Bailey - Smart City Practice Global Leader, Arrow Electronics

Our three step process is mapped below.

It sets the best path for success and trims the long voyage of innovation by months, and or years.


Our process focuses on three phases:

First we Ideate. This is not a typical brainstorming session. This is a typhoon. You will be immersed in what is actually possible today through demonstrations, field trips and exploration sessions. We will explore business models, stakeholder behaviors and what could prevent success. This will help you by rapidly landscaping the possible and narrow in on a small suite of ideas.

Then we Create. Now it is time to make something new. This is the moment of invention when an idea comes to life and is tangible, holdable and can not be misinterpreted any longer. We work with your team to realize a vision through every and any means possible. We model, print, mill, mold, program, connect, make it blink and come alive.

Now we Deploy. Now that we have a new prototype and business model it is time to package it and make it look great. Write the copy, shoot the video and create the animations. Is this a new brand or built on an existing one? We help you work through the options to protect it or open source the IP and let the world know what it is that you have been up to.

Thanks for working with us on this terrific project. I hope universities everywhere will emulate!
— JB Holston, Dean, Ritchie School of Engineering 
and Computer Science, University of Denver

Interested in working together?

Contact us below and please take the time to describe what you are trying to achieve. Where are you in the organization? What has been an issue that is in the way of achieving the possible? What are you inspired by?

We will get back to you shortly to discuss your future impact.