Founded by a team of experts in technology, business, art and social good.


The New Bureau was created by a team of serial entrepreneurs and innovators to meet the needs of organizations who are in flux and need to understand the art of the possible. What can be done now as well as in the near future? We help de-clutter and de-risk emerging technologies. We simulate ecosystems. We help frame context and meaning. Our currency is speed. We develop business models that are viable. We care deeply about issues that affect us all such as food, water, energy, education, manufacturing, and the environment.

Our Innovation Network

The New Bureau is a global network of highly qualified members and companies who are analysts, designers, business strategists, inventors, creative technologists, educators, scientists, artists, and behavioral specialists all focused on guiding innovation programs. Our innovation sessions draw on this powerful network and have rapidly designed and delivered programs and products for institutions, multi-nationals, and governments.