We will aggressively empower one billion kids to become better global citizens, through solving global challenges with emerging technology.


Don’t ask kids what they want to be when they grow up. Ask them what problem they want to solve!
— Jaime Casap, Chief Education Evangelist, Google



With technology increasingly changing the business landscape, and the impact of rising global challenges, students need the expertise and mindset for innovation, problem-solving, and leadership. To give them that, we need to create alignment between students, teachers, parents, institutions and industry, creating the basis for prosperity, growth and better equipped global citizens.

STEAM combined with project-based learning and critical problem solving skills is a pathway to increase economic competitiveness. Technology, Art and design provide real solutions for our everyday lives, it distinguishes products in a global marketplace, and creates opportunities for socioeconomic growth. Design is increasingly becoming a key differentiator for technology startups and products. Apple is the most valuable company in the world because it has expertly employed these methods.

In the future, if you want a job, you must be as unlike a machine as possible: creative, critical and socially skilled. So why are children being taught to behave like machines?
— George Monbiot
NYC DoE OpenSteam Maker Fair

What is SolveOS?

  • A platform for free and low-cost educational tools that focuses on solving our modern global challenges

  • SolveOS is our program to crowdsource a problem solving platform that is Open Source and able to build a community much like Wikipedia, MIT’s OpenCourseWare, Khan Academy and OpenStax maintained by Rice University

  • SolveOS uses adaptive AI to help kids learn the way they learn best and to keep them engaged and successful.

  • SolceOS, uses STEM, STEM, project-based and immersive learning

  • SolveOS is unique due to it’s focus on applied and immersive learning around the technologies of our near future: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Virtuality and Augmented Reality


  • Launched SolveOS program at NASA Space Apps Challenge NYC, April 2016 with IBM, SpaceX, Wolfram
  • Mainstage presentation and Innovation Lab showcase at Singularity University Spring 2016
  • SolveOS Maker Day in partnership with NYC DoE, business leaders and Makeosity in September 2016
  • Open Innovation Day with multiple stakeholders including the NYC DoE, teachers, parents and business leaders
  • Solve Pak Internet of Things (IoT) Prototype Designed and Engineered
Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Technologists, Artists and Designers attend the OpenSTEAM Innovation Day August 2016


  • The three Day Open Innovation Session to co-design the future platform for SolveOS in 2017
  • Raise $5M in funding ($300K in September 2017)
  • Commercialize Solve PAK prototyping kits

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
— Benjamin Franklin


You can make a difference. Sponsor a child, teacher or innovator to participate in the SolveOS Innovation Sessions in 2018.

We are looking for the disrupters, the mavens, and the rebel teachers. Do you have great insight into how education could work if you were allowed to break the norms?

We have two ways to get involved as an individual or as a sponsor. In order to have as many teachers, students, parents, administrators, and artists attend, we are offering sponsorship by companies or individuals.



If you are a student, teacher or innovator who would like to attend the SolveOS Innovation Sessions please apply here.


The New Bureau OpenSTEAM Platform


Web and App platform with rich audio, video and interactive modules teach how to problem solve around global challenges such as the environment, food, water and learn how to make and solve. Launch a cube satellite or design and develop environmental IoT sensors for a smart campus. Modules focus on applied subjects such as VR and AR, IoT, robotics and artificial intelligence. This content is Open Source and free for all who wish to use it.



Solve PAKs are a kit for innovation that includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Sensors, Robotics, Virtuality and Augmented Reality technologies to go along with the SolveOS programing. Solve PAKs are available as individual kits or as a Classroom Lab in a box. Solve PAKs are designed to be low cost and easy to build a working prototype and test an idea using problem solving and STEAM methods.

The New Bureau OpenSTEAM Certification Program


Do you want to bring SolveOS to your school, library, science center or musem and have the best results possible? The SolveOS Certificate program teaches how to teach SolveOS and use the tools. These events are held multiple times a year all across the globe. We can also come to you!

Learn to teach SolveOS and you can help grow the community.